Learning agreements for undergraduate students

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Learning agreements (LAs)Before LA: posted online before your arrival.

During LA: often necessary to notify changes to your choice of courses.

After LA: to be signed by the admin officer at end of stay.

Our available courses may change before the September or January semesters.

Don’t worry: You will be able to make modifications to your learning agreement in October and February when you are sure of what you will be studying.

Your study abroad officer will be flexible on this point.

We will not have the class schedules until September.  Most classes have independent time slots so this is no problem, but if 2 of your chosen courses clash, you will need to change class choice and modify your learning agreement.

Don’t forget to write the course codes (CM = seminar/ CF & CS = lectures/ 1A = 1st year course, 3A = 3rd year course):



CM INT (seminar in English with International students)

CM 1A or CM 3A (1st or 3rd year seminar in French with French students)

CF 1A or CF 3A (1st or 3rd core lecture in French with mainly French students)

CS (specialized lecture in French, English or Spanish)