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Suivez des webinaires en direct sur des sujets d’actualité, avec des chercheur.e.s spécialistes des différents domaines.

C’est l’occasion d’en apprendre plus sur des sujets riches et variés, mais aussi de découvrir la recherche à Sciences Po Grenoble, qui couvre un large éventail de disciplines : droit, économie, histoire, science de gestion, sciences politiques, et sociologie.

Sciences Po Grenoble’s webinar series aims to disseminate academic research on hot topics related to its teaching programs. 

Consistent with the multidisciplinary approach of our school of political and social sciences, the webinars cover a wide range of academic fields such as economics, history, law, political science, management sciences and sociology.


Prochain webinaire / Upcoming webinar

Wednesday February 24, 2021 / 12.30 pm
Why international organizations hate politics

Speakers: Marieke LOUIS & Lucile MARTENS
Moderator: Kari DE PRYCK

Abstract :

Webinar about:  Why InPoster_webinaire_6-01ternational Organizations Hate Politics. Depoliticizing the World, Routledge, Global Institutions Series, 2021

Building on the concept of depoliticization, this book provides a first systematic analysis of International Organizations (IO) apolitical claims. It shows that depoliticization sustains IO everyday activities while allowing them to remain engaged in politics, even when they pretend not to.
Delving into the inner dynamics of global governance, this book develops an analytical framework on why IO “hate” politics by bringing together practices and logics of depoliticization in a wide variety of historical, geographic and organizational contexts. With multiple case studies in the fields of labor rights and economic regulation, environmental protection, development and humanitarian aid, peacekeeping, this book shows that depoliticization is enacted in a series of overlapping, sometimes mundane, practices resulting from the complex interaction between professional habits, organizational cultures and individual tactics. By approaching the consequences of these practices in terms of logics, the book addresses the instrumental dimension of depoliticization without assuming that IO actors necessarily intend to depoliticize their action or global problems.

Programme des webinaires / Webinar Schedule

  • Why international organizations hate politics
    Speakers: Marieke LOUIS & Lucile MARTENS
    Wednesday February 24, 2021 / 12.30 pm

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