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Suivez des webinaires en direct sur des sujets d’actualité, avec des chercheur.e.s spécialistes des différents domaines.

C’est l’occasion d’en apprendre plus sur des sujets riches et variés, mais aussi de découvrir la recherche à Sciences Po Grenoble, qui couvre un large éventail de disciplines : droit, économie, histoire, science de gestion, sciences politiques, et sociologie.

Sciences Po Grenoble’s webinar series aims to disseminate academic research on hot topics related to its teaching programs. 

Consistent with the multidisciplinary approach of our school of political and social sciences, the webinars cover a wide range of academic fields such as economics, history, law, political science, management sciences and sociology.


Prochain webinaire / Upcoming webinar

Wednesday December 9, 2020 / 12.30 pm:
Do European crises lead to less integration? On the hardening and softening of law

Speakers: Sabine SAURUGGER (PACTE) & Fabien TERPAN (CESICE)
Moderator: Chloé BERUT (PACTE)

Abstract :Poster_webinaire_3

European integration is associated with the idea of an ‘ever closer Union’, achieved in part through ‘integration-through-crisis’. However, while crises have indeed led to higher regulatory pressure, responses to these crises have not always taken the form of stronger commitments and legally binding rules. In this webinar Sabine Saurugger and Fabien Terpan will discuss three policy areas recently affected by crises, and analyse why in one of these policies (migration) more soft rules have been adopted, while the two other policies have evolved towards a greater use of hard law (budget monitoring, cybersecurity). Three potential explanations are analysed: the intensity of crises impacting political systems; the quality of prior norms and their (perceived) implementation; the entrepreneurship and heterogeneity of the coalition. Although all of these factors have explanatory powers, the capacity of policy entrepreneurs to build a large coalition appears to be the central explanation. 

This research is part of a special issue of West European Politics (Vol.44, Issue1) recently edited by Sabine Saurugger and Fabien Terpan.

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Programme des webinaires / Webinar Schedule

  • Inequality and political unrest in Chile
    Speaker: Juan Carlos CASTILLO
    Wednesday December 16, 2020

Webinaires passés / Previous webinars

  • God did not save the kings: Environmental consequences of the 1982 Falklands War
    Speaker: Sophie PANEL (CESICE) / Moderator: Arnaud BUCHS (GAEL)
    Wednesday November 18, 2020 / 12.30 pm
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  • The new gas game in the Eastern Mediterranean and its ensuing strategic issues
    A webinar by Prof. Jean MARCOU & Daniel MEIER / Wednesday October 14, 2020
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