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Application for 2018-2019 – Deadline April 4th 2018!


Sciences Po Grenoble is pleased to announce a number of Visiting Professorships for 2018-2019 and to request applications, due to April 4th, 2018.

The Visiting Professorships are open to any faculty who currently holds a full time position in a university.  Applicants should have distinguished scholarly accomplishments in a field of studies taught at Sciences Po Grenoble – Political Science, Law, Economics, Public and business administration, History and Sociology and a strong teaching record. The visitor will be fully integrated into the academic and intellectual life of Sciences Po, including participation in colloquia. Priority will be given to new or recent collaborative ventures.

Payment is consistent with faculty conditions in French universities. Transport and accommodation costs are not covered by Sciences Po Grenoble.

Applications are open for a period lasting between one and several months. The 11 class hours due per month can be taught over a shorter time.

The applicant who is selected for a long-term Visiting Professorship (4 months) will be given the responsibility of a complete class (2h/week/12 weeks) (24h) and a number of shorter contributions to already existing modules during his/her 4-month stay.

Applications must transit via a Sciences Po faculty who will be responsible for co-ordinating the academic part of the visit. Applicants are invited to contact the director of the programme in which intend want to teach.

The academic terms for 2018-2019 are autumn: mid-September to mid-December 2018; winter: mid-January to mid-April 2019.


Application form for visiting professors for 2018 2019 here!

Applications should include a statement of interest, a full C.V. and bibliography, a selection of proposed courses, a description of teaching experience, and the preferred term for residence at Sciences Po Grenoble. If your application is accepted, you will have to provide a certificate signed by your employer, declaring that he/she accepts that you are invited and paid by Sciences Po Grenoble. Please make sure that this will be possible before applying.

Inquiries and applications should be sent electronically (with attachments) to Mrs Sandrine VERNET sandrine.vernet@sciencespo-grenoble.fr, who will help the Visiting Professor with accommodation in Grenoble as well as visa requirements.



If you have further questioning, please contact:

Sandrine VERNET, Administrative Head – International Department


Paola GERACI, Administrative coordinator – Research  Department



List of visiting professors in 2016-17

NomPrénomUniversité de rattachementProf invitant à Sc Po GrenobleDurée séjour indicative
AGENTELuisaIPAM Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera - Lisbonne (Portugal)Haithem Guizani01 au 06 décembre 2016
DIMITROVRadoslavUniversity of Western Ontario (Canada)Franck Petiteville02 au 20 décembre 2016
HARFSTPhilippUniversity of Greifswald (Allemagne)Raul Magni Berton / Claire Dupuy12 septembre au 14 octobre 2016
HARTLAPPMiriamLeipzig University (Allemagne)Sabine Saurugger / Fabien Terpan31 janvier au 08 février 2017
FERNANDEZ MARTINEZMartaUniversité de la Havane (Cuba)Jean-Charles Froment / Célia Himelfarb16 au 23 novembre 2016
KRISTENSENNete NorgaardUniversity of Copenhagen (Danemark)Gilles Bastin03 au 14 avril 2017
SOLANKEIyiolaUniversity of Leeds (Royaume-Unis)Sabine Saurugger / Fabien Terpan09 au 20 janvier 2017
SPLENDORESergioUniversity of Milan (Italie)Gilles Bastin20 au 31 mars 2017
VAN INGELGOMVirginieUniversité Catholique de Louvain (Belgique)Raul Magni Berton / Claire Dupuy04 au 25 novembre 2016