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Université Grenoble Alpes: a public research institution

Université Grenoble Alpes, Sciences Po Grenoble, Grenoble INP and Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Grenoble (ENSAG – School of Architecture), joined forces on January 1st, 2020 to form a unique university with a strong international reach. Their ambitious vision is guided by a shared set of values: openness, diversity, and social and environmental responsibility.

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Located in the heart of the campus and home to 1,800 full time students from every region of France and 150 exchange students from more than 100 partner institutions around the world, Sciences Po Grenoble – UGA is a prestigious center for education and research in the social and political sciences. Admission to the Institute for degree candidates is by competitive exam and students generally complete a five year program of study leading to a Master’s degree in one of 15 areas of specialization, including European Studies, Non-Governmental and Inter-Governmental Organizations, Comparative Politics, Social Economics, Public Policy, Arts Administration, Journalism, Public Opinion Surveys and Research, Latin American Studies, and Legal and Financial Management.

International cooperation is at the heart of the Institute’s mission ; all Sciences Po Grenoble – UGA students study abroad – or do an internship – before they graduate. Consequently, there is great interest among the student body to get to know the new exchange students every year. Although only here for a short time, you are considered an integral part of our community and we will make every effort to integrate you into life at the Institute and make your stay as enriching and rewarding as possible. The International Relations Office along with the Bureau des étudiants (Student Union) will welcome you to Grenoble, help you get settled in and provide support throughout your stay in Grenoble. We will encourage you to participate in clubs, sports and other extracurricular activities as this is often the best way to make lasting friendships during your experience studying abroad.

Why study in Grenoble?

The capital of the French Alps, Grenoble is ranked by the national magazines L’Etudiant and L’Express as the best student city in France, and it is second only to Paris as the preferred destination of students who choose to study abroad. Grenoble is also France’s leading center for public research after Paris, with an established international reputation in several fields, including political science and the social sciences.

Aside from its broad range of academic offerings, the University of Grenoble is home to a beautifully landscaped 450 acre campus located on the banks of the Isère river. Only ten minutes by public transport or bike from the vibrant city center, the campus offers extensive facilities, including five libraries, an olympic-size swimming pool, playing fields, tennis courts, etc.

And from the campus, you will have unimpeded views of the three mountain ranges which rise up to 3,000 meters above the valley floor, the Vercors, the Chartreuse and the snow-capped Belledonne, at the end of which is located the famous ski resort of Chamrousse, just thirty minutes from Sciences Po Grenoble – UGA. Grenoble is thus ideally located to take advantage of the region’s great natural beauty and plethora of outdoor and sporting activities.

Grenoble is also ideally located if you wish to travel further afield. Two hours by train from Geneva, three from Turin, three from the Mediterranean coast…and of course just three hours from Paris by TGV, Grenoble is close to three international airports with direct links to London, Berlin, Rome, Madrid and beyond.

The cultural scene in Grenoble is extraordinarily dynamic with modern dance and theater ensembles, the Maison de la Culture, and numerous festivals and popular celebrations, including the Grenoble Jazz Festival, the European Theater Festival, the International Short Film Festival, and Les 38e Rugissants, a unique festival of new and nomadic music. In addition, the Grenoble Art Museum and numerous other galleries and museums offer a wide range of art experiences.

So, you will find Grenoble to be a city where urban and outdoor activities vie for your attention. As you walk around the streets and squares, your senses will be stimulated by numerous open air markets, you will wander in and out of the many attractive shops, museums and cinemas or soak up the sun at a sidewalk café or in a park with a fabulous view of the mountains. Then again, you may be more tempted to imitate one of the many people you will see setting off for or returning from a hike, bike ride or ski outing. Whatever your preference, you will never want for something interesting to do or see.