Transatlantic Masters Program

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This program is only open to students registered at the University of North Carolina (UNC).

Established in 1998, this interdisciplinary MA program focuses on contemporary Europe and the transatlantic relationship. Students learn about EU institutions, European integration, and comparative welfare states. They focus on the pressing issues Europe faces today such as security, immigration and economic disparity. TAM educates students by way of classroom and experiential learning environments. It offers training in the methods of social-science critical inquiry and cultural adaptability. TAM remains committed to and engaged with the alumni community as TAM graduates pursue many different types of goals in international diplomacy, business, education, politics, law, and research.

The program Gouvernance européenne at Sciences Po Grenoble is one of the 10 partner programs of the Transatlantic Masters. Gouvernance européenne welcomes 6 students every year who have been recruited by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and who have enrolled in the TransAtlantic Track of the TAM program. The students spend one to two semesters at Sciences Po Grenoble, following the same classes as their colleagues of the GE program.

The program contributes to establishing a true international and transatlantic environment for TAM and GE students, enlarging the possibilities of future career projects.


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