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You must choose a maximum of 4 from all the following options to have 35 ECTS total on top of your 3 mandatory courses


1) For tracks 1, 2 or 3

International track tutoring – 5 ECTS (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

Course code: TUTS1 or TUTS2

F BONNEFOY Teacher of French and English (> Syllabus, pdf)

Objectives: The tutoring of International students by French students fosters mutual cultural, language, and academic fulfilment and improvement. The class aims at assisting international students in their studies and integration in Sciences Po Grenoble. International students get a support to discover university life, to develop their French skills, and to expand their academic knowledge. 1.5 hours a week. Compulsory attendance. – Groups of international students created according to their needs (language, methodology, content classes…) – 3-4 international students / 1 French student. – Internet platform: students share data, progress, ideas, resources… – Teacher’s monitoring and help every week. Assessment: – Oral presentation: feedback on the tutoring: 10% – Involvement of the student in the tutoring and in their group: 10% – French student’s assessment: 20% – Oral or written test: specific to the group (language, methodology, content class), designed by the teacher and French tutor at the end of the term; assessed by the teacher: 60%


2) For tracks 2 or 3

CF (Cours fondamental) –  lecture with all the French students of a year group – taught in French

It is a good idea to do the CF that goes with your CM (like the French students all do)

Course code: CFS1 or CFS2

You can choose more than 1 CF

Click here for 1st year (easier) CF lectures in Semester 1 and 2

Click here for 3rd year (harder) CF lectures in Semester 1 and 2


3) For tracks 1, 2 or 3

CS (Cours spécialisé) –  open to all undergraduate and graduate students as electives – taught in French/English/Spanish

Course code: CSS1-5 or CSS2-5

You can choose more than 1 CS

Click here for CS lectures in Semester 1 and 2 (English CS are written in English)


4/ For tracks 1, 2 or 3

Foreign language – no beginner classes – 

Course code: LVS1 or LVS2

You can choose only 1 per semester

English B2 or C1

German A2 or B1 or B2 or C1

Spanish B1 or B2 or C1

Italian A2 or B1 or B2 or C1


5/ For tracks 1, 2 or 3

Sports–many different choices at various times during the week/weekend
Course code: SPOS1 or SPOS2, 5 ECTS
You can choose only 1 per semester


There are 3 categories of sport available:


A/ Sciences Po multi-sports class (places limited; contact to register).

Fall semester – mountain biking/climbing, canyoning etc
Spring semester – Nordic skiing, snowboarding etc
Monday OR Tuesday from 7.30 am to 12.45 pm.
About 90 euros per semester (transport, instruction, equipment)


B/ UGA sports: All other sports except football are organized by our partner university UGA which opens online registration at the beginning of each semester.

Sports classes take place once a week and are divided into 2 categories.
“Sport noté” called FQ – free – 5 ECTS
“Sport non-noté” called FP – might be fee-paying – no ECTS

There  are 4 registration steps:

1. At the start of the semester (second week of September/second week of January) , using your student logins, you can register 2 choices here:

The registration period lasts 6 days, there is no rush – it is not a first come first come system but do not miss the deadline!

An algorithm attributes you one place according to space available at the end of the registration week.

2. Consult your account on the Suaps website above.  If you did not get one of your 2 choices or if you did not register before the deadline, attend the Forum des Sports at the Swimming Pool building (information on website).

3. You MUST attend the first class otherwise your place will be given to another student…

4. One or 2 weeks after the start of term you can even try to join a FQ sports class as a FP student (as an extra leisure sport) by attending the class and asking the instructor if there are any places left.


C/ Sciences Po football (5 ECTS) – meet up on UFRAPS sports field, Wednesday 18h women, 20h men, the first week of the semester


Attend the Sciences Po forum des sports at the start of the semester.


6/ For tracks 1, 2 or 3

UGA university class (UGA is the name of the big university next to Sciences Po)

Course code: UGAS1 or UGAS2

You can choose 2 maximum per semester

The UGA website gives an idea of the degrees on offer there, but for information on specific courses open to international students, you will need to visit the faculty international relations departments (Science or Social Science or Languages) at the beginning of the semester to obtain a list of their available courses.